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About Kaiser Bros.


Kaiser Bros Craft Beer – the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth 

On face value, great beer is about taste. About flavour and texture, colour and aroma. About the careful blend of quality local ingredients and the perfect balance between the bitter and the sweet. 

But we all know there’s more to it than that. 

Enjoying a great crafted beer is an experience that’s as much about taste as it is about the setting you’re in and the company you’re with, the weather on the day and the music in the background. 

And, because all of those things contribute to our enjoyment of beer, they feed into our brewing process. 

We crank up the tunes and dial up the banter, sharing jokes and swapping stories as we go about brewing our distinctly crafted Kiwi beers. We work with an energy that we know comes through in the finished product; it’s a zest for life and a sense of authenticity which adds that little sumptin’ sumptin’ that creates a truly special drop. 


Locking that magic inside. 

As soon as they reach perfection, we bottle, can and keg our brews, locking that magic inside. This way, each and every person who indulges in a Kaiser Bros beer can experience the passion we pour into our craft, and savour the majesty of our stunning ingredients in all their glory. It’s what we call ‘Brewery Fresh’, and it’s what truly sets our beers apart from the rest. 

If you’re a beer aficionado, you’ll appreciate the superior malt (from Dunsandel), the premium hops (ex-Motueka) and the pure artesian water (100% Aotearoa) that goes into our beer. You’ll admire the pedigree of Brewing Captain Dicky Fife, a bona fide legend in the world of craft beer. And you’ll recognise our Bavarian heritage; the way our beers subtly pay homage to one of the world’s great brewing regions, and borrow the best of German engineering and manufacturing processes to guarantee quality and consistency. 


If you’re not a connoisseur, that’s fine too. It’s more than enough to simply enjoy our beer for what it is; to love it for no other reason than ‘it hits the bloody spot’ and provides refreshment and satisfaction. 

The Kaiser Brew Garden, our spiritual home in the heart of Christchurch, captures the essence and atmosphere of our Kaiser Bros beers. With its rustic design, sun-drenched roof terrace garden balcony and tranquil views across the Avon River, it really is the perfect spot to indulge in the odd beverage or three. 

Kaiser Brew Garden Logo-12.png

Experience the difference 

So, whether it’s a hot summer’s day, or a cold, wintery evening; whether you’re catching up with mates or winding down with colleagues; whether you’re chilling out to jazz or stomping along to rock, you can rest assured we’ve got a beer that will complement the occasion and enhance the experience. 

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