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Welcome to Kaiser Bros

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

At Kaiser Bros, we crank up the tunes and dial up the banter, sharing jokes and swapping stories as we go about brewing our distinctly Christchurch-made, Kiwi-engineered craft beers.

We work with an energy that we know comes through in the finished product – it’s a zest for life and a genuine authenticity that makes for a truly special beer. It’s all part of our ambition to produce the freshest, most delicious drop we can, every single time. And as soon as each batch reaches perfection, we bottle, can and keg our brews, sealing that magic inside. This way, each and every person who indulges in a Kaiser Bros beer can experience the passion we pour into our craft, savouring our stunning local ingredients in all their glory.

It’s what we call ‘Brewery Fresh’, and it’s what truly sets our beers apart from the rest. Catch phrase or not, you'll hear us say, fresh is best and for good reason! Every second week on a fine Saturday morning when you'll see the team putting down a special brew at our Micro brewery upstairs at the Kaiser Brew Garden.

The fun starts well before the doors often, but there's a beautiful big glass window allowing you to see us in action from the outside, as you enjoy a walk with a morning coffee inside the Riverside market. At 11am the doors open and you're more than welcome to come have a chat to us about our brewing process. Could could even try the latest brew which will be on tap from the previous brew!

Nano Beer Brewery - Kaiser Bros
Micro Brewery at the Kaiser Brew Garden

When we finish up a good brew for the day, we often jump on the old computer to keep you posted with all the Kaiser Bros news. Fingers crossed that 2021 will continue to be packed full of great events and competitions, and rest assured we will be full steam ahead brewing brewery fresh beers.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram if you're feeling social! We'd love to hear from you.

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