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The future is here, and it’s wheat and oats striking a chord. This IPA’s gone lusciously cloudy, with juicy fruit notes of tropical pineapple and mint stealing the stage like a synthesiser solo of citrus. It might look a bit like a milkshake, but don’t freak out - all the cool kids are into it.



  • Pacific Jade, Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin, Citra



  • American Ale, Pilsner, Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Barley, Rolled Oats



HAZY IPA Can 330ml [Six Pack]


    Heady aromas of Juicy Fruit gum with pineapple and mint.

    Upon tasting you’ll get a clean malt profile, matched with a crispy dry finish from oats, wheat & barley. This brew is tropical & summery with a lush and lingering bitterness.


    IBU: 33 | Alcohol by Volume: 5.5%

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